'Make Do and Mend' Eco Fair

Our environment works hard to supply and protect us, we need to do the same! And so...

Our eco festivals are a fantastic way to showcase how we can all continue to make changes to mend our environment.

As a family event, it provides so many opportunities to learn, get involved and support charities that are making a real difference to our environment.

All exhibitors at our eco events are eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and pride themselves on sustainability and thinking green!

Stroll through our many exhibitors selling recycled and up-cycled goods, including hand crafted items, and even visit one of our working pitches to watch a demonstration on how you can give old items a whole new purpose.

What can I expect to see at an eco festival?

  • Recycled goods

  • Upcycling

  • Handcrafted environmentally friendly goods

  • Fairtrade items

  • Promotion of zero waste

  • Charities supporting environmental issues

You will also be able to explore promotions for ways in which we can reduce our own pollution levels, including something as large as switching to electric vehicles or turning to solar panels, or something as simple as reducing single use plastic.

Don't forget to visit our food court, where all of our caterers are ethically sourced and eco-friendly!

£2 entry





Sunday 11th September

For alternative pitches or more information, please download the booking form below.

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For all catering enquiries, please contact stagsheadevents@gmail.com